Monday, January 12, 2015

Fighting what's best for you

I just spent the last hour very unsuccessfully trying to get my 11-month-old to sleep. He talked, he screamed, he fought, he ate, he tried to wipe shadows off of his crib, he chewed on his pacifier, he played with a toy. He did nearly everything - except sleep.

I know what's best for him. He needs to sleep. But so often he uses any distraction to avoid doing what really needs to be done.

That's not a trait reserved for children. How many times have you checked your email, scrolled through your Facebook feed, made your grocery list, watched The Walking Dead marathon, checked the news online - anything, but the work that actually needs done?

Your life and mine would be so much easier if we got to the important first and saved the distractions for later.

As far as my son, I finally gave in and called on my wife to rescue me. I hope this post will be the first step in rescuing you. I hope you'll read this - and the very next step you take will be toward the hard work that needs to be done and not toward another distraction.

The distractions will always be waiting, but the opportunity you have right now won't wait forever. Seize it. Now.