Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let me see your report card

Report card time is a blast for kids... some times.  We're quick to look over their report card and point out their good and bad, but are we willing to have them do the same for us?

How about making a list of the things that are valuable to your loved ones?  Your list might consist of family time, getting chores done on time, keeping promises, keeping in touch, etc.

Then, if you're brave enough, have the people you care about give you a grade.  It only works if they care enough about you to be honest.  (If you're ultra brave, let children grade you.  They will have the guys to be honest!)

It may be hard to face the facts about your grades, but like we always tell our kids, good grades take work.  Are you willing to be graded and put in the work it will take to improve?