Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 steps to being a player

I see these license plates everywhere that say "#1 Steelers Fan" or "#1 Penguins Fan."  I don't personally have one and it doesn't bother me if you do.  But I think it says something about our culture that we are all so eager to be fans of "our" teams.  There are a lot of differences between being a fan and a player.
  • Fans gather with friends when "their" team plays.  Players get prepared and focused.
  • Fans cheer when "their" team does well.  Players feel the since of pride that comes with accomplishment.
  • Fans celebrate when "their" team does something extraordinary.  Players create a legacy that goes well beyond their lifetime.
  • Fans get upset and sulk when "their" team loses.  Players bear the burdens of their teammates.
  • Fans go home after "their" team team loses with little affect on their life.  Players sometimes feel like they let their team down.

What about the team that you show up for every day?  Your family.  Your co-workers.  Your friends.  What's your role on that team?  Are you just a fan or are you a dad?  A mom?  A provider?   A spiritual leader?   A teacher?   A business owner?   A best friend?  A son?

There are 3 steps to being a player:

  1. Commit to being on the team, not just being a fan.
  2. Define your position on the team
  3. Work to be the best at your position

A good player finds ways to make themselves better so that the team is better.  A good player learns how to encourage when things go wrong and celebrate when things go well.  A good player doesn't make excuses.  A good player cares more about the team's success than their own.

You're already on the team.  So my challenge to you (and me) is to do the 3 steps above.  Commit to the team, define your position and work to be the best at it.  Oh, and if I can add a 4th step, quit worrying about how everyone else is playing their position and just play yours.

So stop screaming from the sidelines and get out there and start playing.

Have a great day!