Friday, May 4, 2012

Maybe I got it wrong today

Some days (like today) I don't know what to write.  Before last year, if I didn't know what to write, I didn't write anything.  But, taking advice from Seth Godin, now I write anyway.

I think we take this approach with a lot of things in our life.  It's just another form of procrastination.  We don't know the answer so we choose not to answer at all.  Maybe we don't know the words to say to a hurting friend.  Maybe we don't know how to go about finding a job after we just lost ours.  Maybe we don't know how to afford a new car after ours stopped running.  So, instead of "writing anyway" we put off the decision.

There may be something that you don't know the answer to today.  Try anyway.

Maybe I got it wrong today.  Maybe you don't like what I've written.  And maybe you'll get it wrong today too.  The good thing about trying is that I can do it again tomorrow.  And so can you.